I Rock My T Shirt.Com Goes Live!

After months of hard work we have finally gone live on the World Wide Web with our online T shirt store! Providing our very own range of unique and original T shirt designs, on our online store that is being powered by Cafe Press.co.uk and we hope all the hard work will be worth it! You can check out the store at www.irockmytshirt.com

A brief introduction 

It all started from a few funny designs created for fun and not particularly for T shirt design until the idea of putting them onto T shirts came about when someone said “that would look good on a T shirt, I’d wear it!” Great idea! It got us thinking that creating designs for T shirts could be something fun and creative. So we designed a few more and showed them to people and they got the same reaction, something people found funny, cool and more importantly something they wanted to see on a T shirt! So that’s really how it began! After that we set about creating more designs until we had enough to set up an online store. Next on the list was deciding on a name for the store, no matter what type of T shirt it is and no matter who it is for, the one thing everyone wants to do is rock their T shirt! You know that if you like it, then you rock it! So ‘I Rock My T Shirt’ sounded just about perfect!

Having done a lot (and a lot!!) of research into the best way to start up an online store, we decided to set up with Cafe Press, who are established experts in powering online stores. Using Cafe Press will provide our clients with quality T shirts, printed using top of the range printing equipment whilst also providing excellent delivery and customer service.

So if you’re looking for a funny T shirt, or one about film/TV, sport, music, or if your off on a boys or girls holiday then check out our store! Your sure to rock your T shirt with our designs! Such as our ‘Mike?.. Answer Me!!’ from our funny section, ‘The Messiah Of Football’ from our sports section, ‘Friend’ from our Film/TV section or ‘Let It Bee’ from our Music section.



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